Motorbike Wanted, Bristol, UK

I am looking for a Honda CG 125 or Yamaha YBR in the Bristol, UK area. Must have low mileage and 12 months MOT.

A Rose From My Heart

A rose from my heart
which winds its way
through my thoughts
sending out love and passion
in a slender fashion
for you and yours

Its petals fall on tears
that have been spent
why did I think love was heaven sent
I walk through autumn leaves
with memories of a rose
that has now died and gone away
perhaps I will cry another day

A rose from my heart
all that is left are the thorns of youth
why did I not show my affections
why did I not save a rose for myself
so I can remember you
and the days where we looked at a beautiful view
when the world was new and the stars lit up the sky

Memories are all I have now as I walk this land
as petals fall from my hand
a red rose is all I need to take me from this place
when I have this I will find some grace
and be at one again with humanity ready to give charity
to one and all


Living Waters

Living waters like daughters of the earth
beneath my feet
healing my soul with gentle movement
taking me to a pure state
free from pollution and man’s waste
when I drink there is a beautiful taste
of freedom in my body

The springs fill my mind
with a solstice sunset
that can never be forgotten
working their way through the city
which sometimes has no pity

Life giving and healing
I immerse my body in the waters
peace and love fill my thoughts
as I float without a care
people stop and stare
but I care not for I am happy
bathing in the living waters

From city the waters flow
into river and stream
giving life to otter and newt
to live their lives free from torment or persecution
away from institutions
flowing gently through the land
I can feel their grace touching my hand

In dry and barren land I want to make a stand
for people far and near
and let waters flow for all mankind
so they can drink from the springs that are dear
give me the strength to make this happen
and not let the earth be scorched by the all powerful sun
with clean water to drink the human race can be run
in tranquillity and peace free
from war and pestilence

Man holds his brother ransom for the droplets of life
why cant we be free of these days
so we can cultivate different ways
of not treating our fellow people like slaves and serfs
living waters should flow for all around
giving health and happiness that abounds

Nuclear waste fills the sea
killing life and causing pain
please take me from this strain
fracking upsets the water table
I will fight if I am able
to change the world
and its governments who trade on misery
and destruction for all

Warm springs cure pain
and ease the body
flowing beneath the ground
warm and full of healing light
a tonic for all who are in plight
of illness and inner strife
so they can enjoy this sacred life

Take me to a place where water is pure
so I don’t have to endure
the pain and suffering of mankind
all peoples she be allowed to heal
suffering should turn like a wheel
and become happiness which everyone deserves

The oceans and seas turn their tides
now spoilt by harm
sea life struggles to charm
our selfish strain of life
that can only be lived
if destruction stops

From distant lands I hear people crying
some of the cries are from those who are dying
because their water has died never to live again
why cant they have the streams that I played in as a child
that had gentle flow and clarity
where I fished newt and stickleback
we are so lucky in this life to have had places to play
on hot now distant summer days

I want to see a rainbow that stretches from sea to sea
uniting unpolluted waves
that roll and pitch with a gentle sound
that relaxes me and sends me to sleep
I will always keep this thought in mind
its is my dream to make the world a better place
so there is no case for protest and action
from people who who try to cause a reaction
and make it better for all people

Acid rain falls and stops my love
flying like a dove over waters that are free for all the world
my love has no boundaries
why cant I send it to nature which has been spoilt by greed and misunderstanding
I want gentle drops from the sky above
to fall on my face with gentle grace and clear my thoughts
so I can love the waters of this earth that we call home

I ride in a boat down stream
in an effort to watch the bream
dance in their innocence around rock and waterfall
but the smears of oil make me cry out in pain
because the bream cannot be free to swim this river
that should be free for all
instead vandalism has taken place and the river is not the same
we should all except this shame

Water understands me well and wants me to take it from this living hell
where a bell can be rung for change and fight
to make life live again in harmony with all
my quest is not too tall
all I ask is for life itself
so I can drink from love itself

Living waters fill my soul
with positive energy
like an astral projection of a super nova
I want to swim in pure water
and touch natures face where I can wipe a tear
from her eye and not watch my world die

Take Me Down Old Cemetery Road

Take me down old Cemetery Road
where I can shrug off my load
of endless toil rather like having washing to boil
my feet need to be on soil
not concrete, this is no place to meet

Old Cemetery Road
where I may meet frog and toad
after my shirt I have sewed
to stop the holes that show my wealth
rather like moles who have no where to hide

Take me down old Cemetery Road
so I can see my youth which was like
a sabre tooth tiger
growling with a flash coat
that kept me safe like a castles moat

No I am on Cemetery Road
armed with chips
but no salt and vinegar
condiments that we could all do with
people pass me who I meet of an evening
but I am here and they are leaving
not so much as a chip offered by myself
down old Cemetery Road

With Love From

What do we mean by this
that we are in love
and set free a white dove
for peace and concord
to escape from the hoard
that grates us every day

With love from
does this mean that we are in love
and need a shove from our own emotions
that can stretch like an ocean of tears and upset

Does it mean we are sincere and need someone to call dear
to take us from our fear of being alone
or are we like a dog with bone never letting go of our own issues
which make us cry into tissues

With love from
a message that we cannot ignore even if we find ourselves a terrible bore
not free from the emotional chore of co dependence
which is like a prison sentence
or are we inmates to our own emotions
or are we free to live without love

Rising Up Bristol

We didn’t mean to make a fuss
about the metro bus
green land that was unspoilt
now to be covered in concrete
by builders who have wet feet

Green for greens sake
there will now be a wake
for all the birds and weasels
who have no home
looking for a place to nest

We stood against you tooth and nail
sat in trees through wind and hail
you will not beat us
we are here for good
even if you have to drag us
from this beautiful wood

We want our city back
nowadays there is something that lacks
being local and tending an allotment
no room for sentiment
its all about local government
who don’t listen to us all for the sake
of the metro bus

Jeremy Clarkson’s Apology

I am sorry for being racist and sexist
but I like to exist in the BBC
this where I have my tea
in the canteen where there is chips and beans

I like to write for The Sun
where my every word is a pun
I get a wedge of cash
while the minions have to dash
at the hands of IDS

I am sorry for upsetting the Argentinians
when I drove my car very far
at licence payers expense right through
the fence of the Chilean border
I am no hoarder I spend all the money I get
when you see me on your television set

I didn’t mean to throw a punch
I was late for my lunch
it was gone past the time for brunch
sat at home now licking my wounds
please take me back I don’t want the sack

The penny has dropped my bubble has burst
I am expecting the worst
there is a world outside of mine
I just saw it
now I am frightened my stomach is tightened
sixty million people who are different from me
what have I done
Oh well its back to The Sun where I am safe with a pun

Is Hartcliffe El Dorado? – Book Launch

Wednesday 8th April at 7pm

Cafe Grounded – Bristol 66-68 Bedminster Parade, Bristol, Avon BS3 4HL

An evening of poetry from the heart of South Bristol. The poems from the book cover social class, mental health and what it is to be a working class Bristolian in 2015 at Cafe Grounded just over from Asda in East Street.

George Ferguson’s Apology

I apologise for forgetting about the poor
I am sorry for being a bore
I didn’t want to make a fuss about my metro bus
but there was much to discuss about green for greens sake
I am sorry for the land that will go
where people are left with no seeds to sow

I apologise for bedroom tax
I know I didn’t look at all the facts
I could have stopped it but at the meeting I hopped it
although everyone wanted it stopped
one day all my fantasies will be popped
when I get voted out then all I can do is shout
from the roof of my bar
when I am not a shining star

I am sorry for driving too fast
I knew it wasn’t going to last
I was trying to get away for the estates
that I have left in state
no money for garden gates
I refused seventy grand
I didn’t want it in my hand
it would have burnt a whole in my pocket
even though Hartcliffe have no electric in their socket
I am sorry to you one and all now I am off to a council house ball

Iain Duncan Smith

Iain Duncan Smith who are you
please tell me who you are
you were in the army
but now you make me feel so barmy
you killed a soldier from your own side
then you went and had fun on the slide
that is in Westminster

Are you fish or fowl
what ever you do makes me howl
you have kicked the poor and taken life
caused strife in a land where there is no work
in the end people will go berserk
looking for work that is not there

I still don’t know who you are
if I had a job I would drive in a car
to find out who you are
and why you do the things you do
too many have died
there lives have gone
and all because you want to be glad
of something that is really bad

I just found out your a minister
I thought you were a murderer
of the old order, cloak and dagger
but all this is done in the name of politics
now its making me sick
that you have this stick to wield
I am poor and have no shield
I must take all that is thrown at me
I hope I survive to see another day
why do you have to be this way